The storms and the response



Hurricane Irma, the strongest Category 5 on record in the Atlantic Basin, makes landfall on St. John.


The first St. John community meeting takes place in Cruz Bay. A group of volunteers begins organizing triaged evacuations and supply line logistics. This group will become known as Love City Strong (LCS).

09/08 to 09/19

Love City Strong collaborates with the National Park Service, U.S. Coast Guard, and public and private marine resources to facilitate evacuation of 1,200 residents and visitors.


Bloomberg Response Team arrives on St. John.


Category 5 Hurricane Maria further impacts St. John.


A sense of hope takes hold as the island curfew is lifted. Bloomberg and Love for Love City provide generator-powered lights and loudspeakers to support a series of community concerts in Franklin Powell Park.

Committed to St. John



The Internal Revenue Service officially recognizes Love City Strong, Inc. as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


The 2017 hurricane season officially ends.


Governor Kenneth Mapp announces that St. John has achieved 90% power restoration.


The founders of LCS meet for the first time as an interim Executive Board to write and adopt the organization’s bylaws.


The LCS Go Team begins canvassing the island to identify clients for its Mold Sanitation and Water Quality Projects.


President Bill Clinton visits St. John and participates in a community meeting, saying:

“Whenever you get discouraged, think of this: This is a time of the most rapid economic, social, cultural, and environmental change. It’s a privilege you get to carry the responsibility into the next generation.”



The LCS Water Quality Project hits the “150 homes tested” milestone.

The future together



The founding members of LCS step down from their roles as the interim Executive Board and transfer control to the new Executive Board: Tom Secunda (Chair), John McInnis (Co-Chair), Jarrod Bernstein (Secretary-Treasurer), Ian Samuel, and Tenesha Keyes.


LCS Mold Sanitation Project hits milestone of 100 homes sanitized and remediated.


USA Today publishes “Rebuilding St. John after Irma,” a look at the recovery efforts made by LCS, Bloomberg, and Love for Love City.


The Resilient Housing Initiative is announced.


Recovery efforts continue, as a new year begins.


LCS receives a grant from the Center for Disaster Philanthropy to install 50 brand new, three-phase water filtration systems on homes across St. John as part of our Water Quality project.


The Mold Sanitation Project ends with over 130 homes safely sanitized or remediated across St. John.


LCS presents “Stronger Together: How Public/Private Partnerships have shaped the Response & Recovery of St. John, USVI” at the National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans.


The total number of homes rebuilt by RHI reaches 16.


LCS proudly co-sponsors the 2019 Clinton Global Initiative conference.


The LCS teams respond to Hurricane Dorian on St. John, conducting wellness checks for seniors and helping to clear secondary roads across the island.


The Water Quality project completes its 50 installations of brand new filtration systems.


The total number of homes rebuilt by RHI reaches 30.


Recovery efforts continue as a new year begins.
hurricane irma aftermath


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