Administrator working at her desk.
Pierrette Clendinen, Love City Strong’s Foundation Administrator.
The Administrative Team primarily works in our office and helps Love City Strong from behind the scenes. They are not as visible as the Go Team and the Ops Team, but their role is still crucial! Who are the Admin Team? The Admin Team are a team of two who report directly to our Executive Director: The Foundation Administrator and the Development Director. Each person has separate duties, but they both work together to keep us funded and ensure that we’re spending our funding responsibly. What does the Admin Team do? The Foundation Administrator handles our accounting, record keeping, and compliance. They record our donations, and get our employees and partners paid for their work. The Administrator also ensures that we are transparent and up to date with local and federal requirements. They renew our licenses and keep our records up to date.  The Development Director’s job is to make sure that we are funded, and inform our donors about what we’re working on. When they’re not busy staying in touch with our donors via handwritten notes and personalized tours of our work, they write our grant reports and seek out new funding opportunities. They’re also tasked with keeping the public informed with our blog, social media, and newsletter. Helping Us Help Others We couldn’t support our community if the Admin Team didn’t support us. While not always visible in the community, they are still critical to the smooth operation of our projects. Support their hard work and donate today.