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Love City Strong serves the community of St. John, USVI in addressing community wellness needs that fall outside of the jurisdiction of other local entities. The specific objectives of the organization are:

Source labor for our projects from St. John residents, which directs money into the local economy and develops assets for future disaster response situations.

Lead projects that educate the community in best processes in immediate aftermath of a disaster and in the long-term recovery phase, ensuring that St. John is better informed and prepared for future disaster situations.

Provide logistical support to other NGOs and government agencies both federal and territorial, in areas of disaster recovery and in areas of community wellness.

At the core of everything that we do, Love City Strong strives to:

Have integrity in our actions.

Have responsibility for our decisions, both as individuals and as a corporation, and their consequences.

Have respect for the communities we work with and serve.


Love City Strong began as a grassroots effort of St. John residents who came together in the direct aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Within 24 hours of the first storm, our immediate goal became clear: Mobilize volunteers within the community to address the most pressing issues associated with the immediate recovery efforts.

Our team was quickly recognized by federal and local government partners and were brought in on immediate disaster needs projects. In December 2017, we officially became Love City Strong, Inc., a 501(c)3 status non-profit organization recognized in the United States and the US Virgin Islands.



Since forming in September 2017, Love City Strong has accomplished the following:

  • Participated in numerous community events thrown by other local NGOs as a source of manpower, including St. John Community Foundation’s Thanksgiving Dinner for First Responders; the St. John Cancer Fund’s “Light Up the Night” fundraising event; Love for Love City’s Volunteer Cleanup Initiative; and Gifft Hill School’s “Gifft Hill Gives Back Day” youth empowerment through volunteerism event.

  • Established ongoing projects serving the vulnerable residents of St. John

  • Established and staffed a logistical system for in-kind donations made to St. John by private donors: We set up a “Donation Station” in Cruz Bay for residents to “shop” for donated goods; coordinated with the American Red Cross, local government agencies, and faith-based partners on bulk distribution of donated goods across island; and assisted with supply runs of donated goods to our sister islands throughout the Caribbean.

  • Held a job fair to hire 50 St. John residents for Help.NGO’s Global DIRT emergency-needs canvassing project and 40 residents for the Love For Love City emergency cleanup crew. We further assisted Global Dirt in their canvassing project efforts through assisting with data entry and coordinating supply distribution of goods provided by the American Red Cross, Bloomberg Philanthropy, Love For Love City, and private donors.

  • Coordinated and participated in various community wellness programs.

  • Held Community Meetings, daily and then bi-weekly, from September 8th through October 30th to help disseminate relevant and/or emergency information from local and federal government partners to the broader public.

  • Coordinated logistics and set up inter-agency meetings between local and federal government agencies, NGOs, and other first responders to create a concentrated relief effort immediately following Hurricane Irma.

  • Coordinated housing solutions for first responders in federal agencies and NGOs.

  • Coordinated the delivery and distribution of private donor supplies between St Croix, Puerto Rico, and St John, in partnership with VITEMA and the U.S. Coast Guard in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

  • Coordinated the evacuation of over 1,200 St. John residents and tourists in 12 days, in partnership with Kenny Chesney’s Love for Love City Foundation, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Virgin Islands National Park, and private charter companies based in Puerto Rico and St. Croix.