June Update : 2021 Hurricane Season

By Meaghan Enright

As the first month of hurricane season ends, we find ourselves watching an increasingly active Atlantic. Tropical Storm Danny made landfall yesterday in South Carolina as the fourth named storm of the year. Presently, Invests 95L and 97L are approaching the Caribbean with the potential for development. For the sixth year in a row, experts have forecasted an “above average” hurricane season, but as we well know, all it takes is one storm to change everything for your community.

Preparedness, on an individual and community level, is critical to managing the immediate impact of a disaster on your life. Furthermore, a higher level of preparedness can help you, your family, and your community navigate your recovery from a disaster impact more smoothly. Making a plan, gathering important documents, and explicitly sharing your plan will help in the short term.  These steps will also, notably, help in the long term.

Community itself is also essential to preparedness. In other words, strong relationships with your neighbors, church, and local businesses make you more resilient. Now is the time to check in with your neighbors and find out what they may need. Identify members of your congregation who may need extra support in times of crisis. Include your employer or employees in your emergency planning process. Communities with strong ties fare better in the wake of disasters.

The Atlantic hurricane season is already quite active, and will only continue to heat up between now and October. Consequently, it is important to undertake preparedness efforts as soon as possible. Make sure you identify any unmet needs or gaps in your plans, and take the necessary actions. For up to date, reliable forecasts, visit the National Hurricane Center website. For VI specific alerts, watches, and warnings, visit VITEMA’s website, or sign up for AlertVI.