Matching Alert! Support LCS Through GlobalGiving #LittleByLittle Campaign

By Mae Agna
support LCS #LittleByLittle campaign

From March 8-12, you can support LCS by donating through the GlobalGiving Foundation’s #LittleByLittle campaign! When you donate up to $50 via our GlobalGiving page this week, the Foundation will match your generosity up to 50%!

At Love City Strong, addressing the impact of disasters on the St. John community is our primary mission. Therefore, our projects either focus on addressing these issues in the aftermath of an incident, or preparing for them before they may arise.

Click here to donate to us via GlobalGiving, and to have your donation matched:

The #LittleByLittle campaign was created by GlobalGiving in 2019. It addressed concerns from donors that small donations may not seem to have much of an impact. In fact, according to the people who work for and with nonprofits around the world, the opposite is true!

Subsequently, to highlight the idea that little acts of kindness make a BIG difference, the #LittleByLittle campaign was born.

At LCS, we benefit a lot from small donations. We have always believed that even the smallest acts of generosity make a difference in the long run. Just as our larger donors get our projects off the ground, in the same way small donors are the ones who keep these projects moving.

Smaller donations help us fund the little, everyday things that we need to successfully run a nonprofit organization. There are many incremental expenses, for instance, stamps, or masks and hand sanitizer for employees and clients. There is no donation that is too small, and every single contribution matters to us on a daily basis.

We hope that you’ll consider supporting LCS through the #LittleByLittle campaign this year. To donate and have your donation matched, be sure to visit our GlobalGiving page

Thank you to all of our donors, big and little. Truly, your continued support makes a difference!